Training is how we provide our clients with the best trained staff!

​Courses are open to anyone in the security field, or anyone looking to enter it.


Security Guard Online Training Course  - $79.99 ​plus HST

The GCT Close Protection Program provides the candidates with the knowledge and skills required in preforming high risk security details requiring specialized and advanced training.

This 5 day training program ensures the candidates are properly trained and knowledgeable in the proper procedures and techniques required to operate as a Close Protection Officer.

This program covers all practical and theoretical elements of VIP Close Protection through a combination of classroom and practical hands on training.

All GCT instructors are experienced former Military personnel, Police Officers as well as seasoned Close Protection Operatives.

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Use of Force Training - $135 plus HST


VIP-Close Protection Training - 

$650 plus HST

The AVNK Security Security Guard Training Course is based on the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services Guidelines.

To work within the security industry in the province of Ontario, an individual requires the mandatory ministry approved basic Security Guard Training. This training is required for individuals such as: bouncers, security guards, loss-prevention personnel, bodyguards, door staff, as well as in-house guards.

This course is 100% online and is accessible 24/7, which allows students to complete the course on their own time. All written material in this training course is narrated to the student.

The course consists of 12 required ministry sections, lessons, assignments and a final examination.

This Online Security Training course does NOT include the mandatory 1 day, Emergency Level First Aid & CPR training component.

Use Of Force Training System

The GCT Tactical Handcuffing & Use of Force Training Program will ensure you receive the proper training and knowledge in the use of Handcuffs and Expandable Baton.

This one day  training program provides the candidate with proper Take-Down Techniques, Subject Control Tactics, as well as Ground Defense Techniques. Use of Force Competency Certification Card is provided upon successful completion of the program.

A practical and hands on training approach is delivered by knowledgeable and experienced Certified GCT Instructors.

GCT is an Internationally Recognized Use of Force System which has been modified from current police procedures to accommodate the specific training requirements of the Private Security Industry.

The GCT Training System sets the standard and is utilized by Security & Investigation Agencies.

Course Outline

​​Lawful application of Technique
Team Diversity and Duty
Team Dynamics
Building Team Effectiveness
Vehicle Mobilization and Readiness
Vehicle Convoy Procedure
Escape and Evade Procedure
Urban Surveillance
Suspect Threat Assessment
Risk Assessment
Advanced Use of Force
Target Assessment
Target Hardening
Security Assessment Physical, Cyber, Barriers
Event Pre Planning and Preparation
Team Assessment and Role Delineation 
Safety Measures

Course Outline 

Level 1

Use of Force Legalities
Tactical Communication
Situational Awareness
Conflict Resolution
Proper use of Handcuffs

Level 2 (all the above plus)
Passive Handcuffing
Active Handcuffing
Non-compliant Cuffing
Take-down Techniques
Grounding Techniques

Level 3 (all the above plus)
Suspect Control Techniques
Knife Defense
Blocking Techniques
Defensive Tactics
Proper use of Baton
Ground Defense Tactics
Positional Asphyxia
Excited Delirium